HRC_Will_Of_Bond_Street_Poster_1HRC Showcase Theatre presents “Will of Bond Street, a play by Walter L. Thinnes directed by Barbarqa Waldinger. After the bloody New York City Draft Riots of 1863, Well-to-do shop owner Daniel Harpersfield and his wife hurry back from Saratoga Springs where they had hoped to spend the summer. Their home has been spared and they decide to emulate what some other wealthy households have done in response, hire a black person affected by the unrest to join their household staff.

The two Irish immigrants who make up their current staff, Mr. and Mrs. Ballanshay, are none too happy to greet the new addition. Recent immigrants considered the American Civil War a “rich man’s war and a poor man’s fight.” They suspected that freed slaves would undercut their tenuous hold on the lower strata of society by working for lower wages. The Ballanshays are not about to give up their position in the Harpersfield household without a struggle.

At First Reformed Church of Hudson, 52 Green Street

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