Caprese Invernale A winter version of the Caprese salad: roasted plum tomatoes and our own barely-melted fresh mozzarella, drizzled with our own basil pesto, 9

Polpettini di Granchio Panko-coated crab cakes, served with our own wasabi aioli, 10

Gamberi Freschi Jumbo shrimp with house-made cocktail sauce, 9


Lasagne al Cinghiale Layers of fresh pasta sheets enveloped in a wild boar ragù, cream and parmiggiano 23

Ravioli d’Aragosta Jumbo lobster ravioli served in a Marsala-tomato cream sauce, 25


Anatra al Bergamotto Grilled boneless breast of duck in a bergamot-scented orange sauce, served with a warm farro grain cranberry salad, 25

Tagliata di Rosbif An eight-ounce filet mignon, grilled to order and served sliced with a tomato-shallot coulis and wilted arugula, 28


Cannoli Siciliani Traditional cannoli stuffed with house-made ricotta, candied orange peel, dried cranberry, and pistachios, 8

By the Glass

Cabernet Franc blend Fleur de Lyeth (California) 2011 A sopistictated blend of Bordeaux varietals resulting in a balanced palate of berry and plum accented with subtle red fruit notes, 8

Kir Blanc A refreshing combination of St. Germain elderflower liqueur and prosecco, topped with a fresh strawberry, 10

Lampone Pronounced lam pon’ ay (raspberry) a sparkling mix of Chambord liqueur and prosecco, 10

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