Caponata, 8
A zesty combination of roasted eggplant, tomatoes and spices.


Ravioli ai Funghi Selvatici, 19
Ravioli with wild mushrooms and mascarpone cheese, served in thyme butter, shiitake mushrooms and truffle oil

Lasagne al Cinghiale, 23
Layers of fresh pasta sheets enveloped in a wild boar ragù, cream and parmiggiano


Chicken or Eggplant alla Parmiggiana, Chicken, 17; Eggplant, 15
Classic parmiggiana with panko coating and our own marinara sauce

By the Glass

Favorita Langhe Valdinera, 9
Crisp and refreshing, with notes of peaches, honeysuckle and grapefruit

Prosecco Rose’ Bortolomiol Filanda, 8
A dry blush sparkler that is the perfect accompaniment to seafood or just to toast the season. You’ll love it!

After-Dinner Drinks

Caffè Corretto, 7
American coffee “corrected” with a liquor of your choice: Try Irish (Irish whiskey) French (Cointreau), Mexican (Kahlúa) or whatever…

Puccini “Santo Vino” Vin Santo, 7
A classic Tuscan aperatif, slightly sweet “holy wine.”

Khalua Hot Chocolate, 6
Our “shot” of rich Italian hot chocolate spiked with Khalua.

Treat Yourself!

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