smith_CARDFRONTlores_mdFrom November 15 through December 21, BCB ART will present an exhibition of bronze sculptures by renowned artist Ed Smith. The theme of Smith’s new exhibition, Multum in Parvo (Latin), may be translated as “Much in Little,” or “In Brief.” But apart from the actual size of the pieces—which range from about 5 to 6 inches in height—there’s nothing little about them. The works emanate a coiled energy that calls to mind the expansive physical gestures seen in martial arts and the universal, space-capturing moves found in defense training.

The artist created clay models for the bronzes at a time when he was hospitalized for a back injury. Despite having to lie flat, Smith decided that sculpting small clay figures on his chest would somewhat divert him from his predicament and from his surroundings. In the words of the artist, “My practice of making small sketches and models of my ideas has evolved over the years. They’ve continued to give me a great deal of joy, bringing me back to my days as a young boy when I would set up great panoramas of toy soldiers.”

The exhibition will focus on a large group of these intimate, unique, and heroic bronze figures, as well as Smith’s drawings and prints.

At BCB ART, 116 Warren Street

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