From May 16 through June 21, Davis Orton Gallery presents photographs by Thomas Holton and Edie Bresler, along with portfolio showcases from Mary Beth Meehan and Eleonora Ronconi.

Thomas Holton

Bath Time by Thomas Holton

In The Lams of Ludlow Street, Thomas Holton examines one family’s life, from 2002 to the present, as it unfolds in a 350 square foot apartment in New York City’s Chinatown. “Growing up in New York City I observed that most people regard Chinatown simply as a tourist attraction and weekend destination for dim sum and cheap counterfeit goods,” Holton says. “Although I am half-Chinese and have spent a considerable amount of time there, I never experienced a bod or connection to the neighborhood or the culture. While my grandparents had lived in Chinatown, I always felt I was a visitor. At the beginning of this project, I knew I wanted to get behind closed doors and photograph more than the stereotypical images of Chinatown’s street scenes. I wanted to experience more of the daily life of Chinatown.”


The Patel Family by Edie Bresler

Edie Bresler’s exhibition is titled We Sold a Winner. “My photographs and their accompanying stories are portraits of resilience, desire, seduction and a changing American dream,” Bresler explains. “I focus on main street America through the lens of state lotteries. In towns and cities across the country, small family owned convenience and liquor stores are the largest group of retailers selling lottery tickets.” At Davis Orton Gallery, 114 Warren Street.

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