Davis Orton Gallery presents Nadine Boughton and Fran Forman June 29 through July 29.


With a background in psychology, Nadine Boughton is always interested in what lies beneath appearances. In “True Adventures in Better Homes” two worlds of the 1950’s and 1960’s – men’s adventure magazines or “sweats” and Better Homes and Gardens – collide. Set against the backdrop of the McCarthy era, advertising, sexual repression, WWII and the Korean War, Boughton’s photocollages are filled with the tension of opposites: inner and outer spaces, wildness and domesticity, the sweat and the cool. Rich in detail and suggestion, both funny and shocking, they become perfect metaphors for the contradictions of those times.

In merging photography with painting, portraiture with dreamed landscapes, technologies and generations, Fran Forman’s images blur the boundaries between the real and the unreal, re-imagining worlds that, like our own, remain forever a mystery. Challenging the arbitrary divisions that relegate certain aesthetic styles to a particular point in time, Forman invites the viewer to look closely, to engage with her in an imaginative discourse, and to enter into a world of dreams and memory.


At Davis Orton Gallery, 114Warren Street. For more information visit davisortongallery.com

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