BCB Art presents exhibitions by two artists, Not the Thing We’re Thinking by Liz Ainslie and Ideal Garden by Lorenza Sannai starting September 13 and running through October 5th.

lizcardfront“The work I’m making is the result of rules and methods I’ve developed to allow for intuitive manipulation of color and spacial illusion,” says Liz Ainslie. “I’m doing this in order to understand what makes painting unique. I think a good painting often merges the physical with the perceptual in a way that nothing else can. You have the physical evidence of the hand paired with the inconsistency and variability of human perception. These two contrasting elements might be what is keep painting alive.”

lorenzacardfront“Color and geometry are for me two natural elements to enter into painting,” says Lorenza Sannai. “I like to engage in an improvisation that is nourished by emotional, perceptual, intuitive factors. Often painting that is based on geometry expresses an atavistic need on the part of some individuals to rationalize, perhaps to control by using a scheme, but in my work geometry is a means to discover unforeseen dimensions: I start neither from a module nor from a predetermined pattern.”

At BCB Art, 116 Warren Street

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