Feast of All Souls

Available all weekend long!

Horrors d’Oeuvre

Toastferatu Garlic (sorry Drac) crostini with an assortment of toppings
The Chronicles of Squiddick Crunchy calamari tubes and tentacles served with a spicy tomato dipping sauce

Main Corpses

The Curse of Gorgon (zola) Great Pumpkin ravioli served in a Gorgonzola-wine cream sauce
Rosemary’s Baby (Lamb Chops) Adorable little chops brutally hacked, thrown on hot coals and smothered in herbed parmiggiano. Served atop garlic mashed potatoes with a crimson pomegranate reduction
Voyage of the Clammed Classic pasta with baby clams in the shell in a garlicky white wine sauce.Little Chop of Horror An innocent pork chop sliced open and gorged with Gruyere cheese and mustard, served over garlic mashed potato and left to your tender mercies in a pool of beurre rouge
Children of the Corn Creamy polenta topped with suspicious-looking mushrooms plucked from the darkest corners of the forest

Final Destination

Drawn & Quartered Four bite-size frights specially executed for the occasion

Note: This menu is subject to availability.

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