1_davis_Orton_ihideous_500pxHThe Davis-Orton Gallery is presenting exhibitions by two photographers this month: Charlee Brodsky’s Monster and Other Tales and Ellen Feldman’s The Dancer as The Invisible Girl.

Charlee Brodsky is a fine art documentary photographer and a professor of photography at Carnegie Mellon University. In 2012 she was chosen as Pittsburgh’s Artist of the Year, an award given annually by the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

Ellen Feldman’s on-going emphasis is on photographs of spontaneity, reflected in street photography and her long-term project photographing a dancer. Recent work includes a series of images of toy characters in urban settings, and three books: The Dancer as the Invisible Girl (photo/comic), Les Mystères de Paris/Paris Mysteries (street photos, Paris) and A Week in Prague: Wall People / Street People. At Davis-Orton Gallery, 114 Warren Street, Hudson.

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