From July 30th through September 11th 2011 BCB ART will present two new exhibitions: Linear Equations by Bill Pangburn and Carved Histories by Renee Magnanti.

Paintings on paper by Bill Pangburn were inspired by a flight to Texas, where from the air he saw the winding rivers of the Texas panhandle. The flow of the blue waters turning dry yellow earth red along its course are lyrically abstracted in these new works.

Renee Magnanti’s thickly carved encaustic paintings have their roots in Ethnographic designs, with bold geometries and bright colors, but with a 21st Century vision.

Also on display will be a group exhibition including work by Sasha Chermayeff, Eric Fischl, John Foxx, Barbara Friedman, Bill Griffith, Lucio Pozzi, Eric Rhein, Carleen Sheehan and others. At BCB Art, 116 Warren Street.

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