dimmitt_1From May 17 to June 23, 2013, Davis Orton Gallery is presenting works by photographers Benjamin Dimmitt and Debi Milligan and video by Keiko Sono, as well as showcasing the portfolios of Kent Krugh and Anna Beeke.

Benjamin Dimmitt is a native Floridian who has been living in New York City for over 30 years. The Florida of his youth had abundant undeveloped areas and animated wild places that he took for granted and that are now gone. The remaining primitive places have been put at risk by unwise land use policies, nearly unfettered development and environmental degradation. Several years ago, he began photographing the wetlands, palm hammocks and low-lying forests of Florida in a process of exploring, reacquainting himself and finally interpreting the unique and fragile beauty there.

At dawn and dusk, Debi Milligan observes the conversation between light and form – the way everything is transformed through the light; now here, then suddenly gone forever.  She waits, watches, and works to claim a specific moment.  Day into night, night into day, the minute movements of the light and air.

Keiko Sono’s video installation 110 Days of Winter follows the formation and evolution of an ice layer on a Catskill boulder from December to April, condensing the five-month-long process into a 40-minute loop. Beginning and ending with a bare rock wall the slow change is barely perceptible at first, yet once the eye is settled, the morphing of ice and shift in light manifest from within.

At Davis Orton Gallery, 114 Warren Street.

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